RENO, Nev. (January 27, 2021) – Visit Reno Tahoe today released transient lodging and room tax statistics showing 2021’s total of $420,454,653 as the most Taxable Room Revenue ever recorded for a calendar year. Three of the top four all-time revenue-producing months came in 2021, when six additional records were set for monthly room tax collections.

“It’s inspiring to see this destination’s ability to meet the demands of travelers looking for a getaway with an abundance of outdoor and natural amenities,” said Visit Reno Tahoe President and CEO Charles Harris. “From local officials to the team at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, and from our resort partners to the hard-working men and women in our organization, our success is the result of community-wide efforts to make Northern Nevada welcoming and attractive, helping our new and returning visitors feel at ease in Reno Tahoe.”

In 2021, Taxable Room Revenue in Washoe County was up 4.2%, from $403,551,286 to $420,454,653, compared to 2019, which previously held the record for room tax revenue in a calendar year. Cash Occupied Rooms were down 9.5%, from 3,416,992 to 3,091,858, over that same time period, and Average Daily Rates (ADR) increased 15.1%, from $118.10 to $135.99, breaking 2019’s record for highest ADR in a calendar year. Due to the March 2020 pandemic shutdown of Reno Tahoe’s major resort hotels, the RSCVA is emphasizing statistical comparisons to 2019.

In 2021, these monthly room tax revenue records were set for the months of:

                                                                   Previous Monthly Records

April                       $32,406,826             (2019 – $32,226,425)

June                       $45,317,551            (2018 – $39,122,428)

July                        $53,830,709            (2019 – $41,432,593)

October                 $35,235,666            (2019 – $31,825,308)

November             $28,705,559            (2019 – $26,001,367)

December              $32,018,084           (2018 – $29,774,489)

Reno Tahoe’s Historical Top 5 Months of Taxable Room Revenue:

1) July 2021         $53,830,709

2) August 2019    $46,663,912

3) August 2021   $46,261,278

4) June 2021       $45,317,551

5) August 2018   $44,483,946

Reno Tahoe continues promoting responsible travel for 2022, and is working with meeting, convention, trade show, and sports event planners to negotiate future group events at Washoe County event and lodging facilities. For information on how Northern Nevada is working to accommodate travel, please visit the Health and Safety pages on