RENO, Nev. (April 4, 2024) – Following the Art Bowl public bowling event held at the National Bowling Stadium (NBS) in January, Reno Tahoe and Sierra Arts Foundation today revealed a new mural at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center (RSCC). Created and designed by Truckee-based muralist Jesse Melanson, aka JMEL, the “Cub’s First View” mural serves as a captivating portrayal of the Reno Tahoe region, crafted in JMEL’s distinctive “low polygon” style.

“Reno Tahoe embraces the cultural diversity and creative expression of local artists, who help to shape the identity of this destination,” said Reno Tahoe President and CEO Mike Larragueta. “Through this ongoing partnership with Sierra Arts Foundation, Reno Tahoe aims to connect visitors to the local arts community and its inspiring vision of Northern Nevada.”

Jesse Melanson created the approximately 30’x28’ mural using spray paint materials, between March 25-31, 2024. “Cub’s First View” harmoniously weaves through the colorfully enchanting landscape that defines the Reno Tahoe region. The vibrant burst of sun captures the dynamic energy of the Northern Nevada skies, while the colorful mountains showcase the landscape’s bright, diverse and bold characteristics. Black bears pay homage to the local wildlife and serve as a celebration of the destination’s natural beauty.

“The portrayal of a mother bear and her cub, gazing upon the iconic Lake Tahoe, acts as a poignant symbol, narrating a tale of connection, love, wonder and adventure in a myriad of ways,” said Melanson.

In an effort to attract more art into Reno Tahoe venues, while spotlighting the work of local artists, Sierra Arts Foundation organized a contest to create a Reno Tahoe-centric mural at the RSCC. Three finalists were announced during January’s Art Bowl, an art viewing and public bowling event which supported the non-profit organization. A Reno Tahoe selection panel favored Melanson’s design, now featured on an interior wall in the main registration area at the RSCC.

“It’s our mission to create space for artists to visually express their experiences throughout the region,” said Sierra Arts Foundation Executive Director Tracey Oliver. “This project not only marks the next step in promoting arts and culture in the Sierra, but it also highlights the importance of community organizations supporting local artists.”

Visitors are encouraged to take pictures with the mural as they attend future events at the RSCC.

Jesse Melanson’s mission is to build creative experiences that elevate social sublimity, instill love into the world and provide an opportunity for joyful conversation and imaginative exploration. To learn more about Melanson, please visit his website,

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