As RSCVA staff begins our transition back to the office, employees will have the option to learn whether they’ve been exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

MGK Diagnostics, a Reno-based company that specializes in the distribution of medical testing regiments, is donating up to 30 testing kits for active RSCVA employees. Employees who elect to participate will receive the Colloidal Gold COVID-19 Rapid Response Test, a simple finger prick test that provides antibody results within 10 minutes.

Another test kit MGK Diagnostics can provide is the Genefinder COVID-19 Real Amp Kit, a swab test kit that can deliver a positive/negative result within 120 minutes. Both test kits are FDA-approved, and can be purchased for less than $30. More information can be found at

In addition to voluntary testing, the RSCVA is committed to maintaining a healthy workforce by providing disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and disposable masks, so we can focus on our mission to bring overnight visitors to a safe and welcoming Reno Tahoe.

Below you will find additional updates from the previous week, as we continue working toward the eventual recovery of our tourism and business community. Please reach out to us with any comments or questions you may have.

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